Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020 – My Highlights

The Microsoft Business Applications Summit is ‘the’ event to attend if you are in the Power Platform or Dynamics 365 circles. I’m going to highlight some of the super cool features and videos that I think are worth checking out.

Governance & Management of the Power Platform

The more organisations that I work with the more I see a need for governance and management of the Power Platform. What is great is to see how a member of the community Manuela has been able to create a starter pack for Governance & Management that is known as the Centre of Excellence.

Session – Managing and governing the ​ Power Platform at scale

Common Data Service

If you are creating apps with the common data service then knowing the cool new features that the common data service is going to support. The Common Data Service is the storage solution for business applications. Some cool areas that I’ll certainly be looking at will be:
TSQL to query the CDS
– Direct Query to CDS from Power BI

Session – What’s new in the Common Data Service

Power Apps

Now if you are using the Power Platform the chances are you would have heard of Power Apps. For me Power Apps is an awesome tool to empower individuals across all areas of the business. The combination of Modal Applications and Canvas Applications allows for such creativity that can utilise connections to all areas of the connected world from 1st party applications to 3rd party applications. The cool areas I’ll be look at are:
– Mixed Reality for Power Apps
– Custom Pages converge canvas and model

Session – Power Apps in 2020: What you should already be using and what’s still to come in 2020


These are just a few of the sessions that I managed to catch during the first day of MBAS 2020. I’ll certainly be adding more details of this over the coming days and will try to add in some posts that go through how to implement some of the new features!

A gigantic thanks to Microsoft and all the people in the community that make these events awesome!

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